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1 Photo Club Palaiseau
Palaiseau photo club, a place that allows me to progress in photography.
2 Olivier Corsan
Olivier Corsan, photographer at the "Le Parisien" newspaper leads the Palaisea photo club. He demonstrates a big passion for what he makes as well as a remarkable pedagogy.
3 Frederic Augendre
Frederic Augendre is a photographer working for the magazine Voiles et voiliers. He is also a member of the Palaiseau photo club. A good opportunity to see, among others, good sailing and rugby pictures.
4 David Huitorel
David Huitorel, a friend photographer of weddings. With David, you will be sure to get non common pictures that will not look like other wedding pictures. David is an artist. His picture reflecting a personal work really are worth to be seen.
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