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52-year-old Frédéric Gédin, is an engineer in computing. His passion for photography raised in his years of high school. His first camera has been given to him by a French teacher: an old Edixa which does not work any more. He carefully repairs it and uses it during a couple of years until being able to purchase a more reliable camera. He spends hours to develop his prints or to dream in front of unaffordable lenses for the grant of a student.

He becomes an engineer in optics relegating a little this passion in the background during some years: growing children is not compliant with staying hours in the darkroom. It is in 2004 when this passion wakes up thanks to the gradually maturing numeric photography. He does not any more content with going window-shopping photography specialists photo. He pushes the door and purchases his first digital camera (Sony DSC F828 for insiders).

Back to his passion still leaves him on the hunger. He joins the club photo of Palaiseau where thanks to the comments of his amateur peers and, in particular, the club leader Olivier Corsan, he acquires more technical skills, more ease in his shots. Some shots later, he begins then to feel the limits of his camera that he exchanges for his first digital reflex (Canon EOS 20D) that better match his requirements.

His rigor pays: one of his pictureis selected to illustrate the month of January of the calendar of the company he works for. He participates regularly in the exhibitions organized by  of his club. In March, 2010, he was sought by the city of Villebon-sur-Yvette to participate in the 5th Show of the Arts in the "Grand Dome".

For a friend who works as a director of a magazine, he makes reportings of shows and concerts. In the family and fiends circle, he makes the pictures of weddings, baptism and other festive moments. Curious, he investigates various themes such as portraits, flower arrangements, skies …

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